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Le site officiel d'adhésion aux AAPPMA - Associations de pêche en France


Enlarge your fishing area through reciprocity.

Your fishing permit allows you to fish in all the areas covered by the authorized association that you have joined.

Many approved angling associations and federations have pooled their areas to simplify membership procedures and offer a larger fishing area: this is reciprocity.

There are several levels of reciprocity, varying from pooling areas amongst:

  • A few approved associations in the same département;
  • All the associations in the département.

As they are keen to extend the fishing areas available to anglers further, the associations and federations have also entered into reciprocal agreements between several départements.

The map below shows the different reciprocities amongst départements.

For more information :

Reciprocity of the Club Halieutique Interdépartemental :

C.H.I. :
23 rue Henri de Turenne - Résidence Concorde 1
Tel. 04 68 50 80 12 - Fax 04 68 50 85 40
Email address :
Website :

Reciprocity of the Entente Halieutique du Grand Ouest :

E.H.G.O. :
Fédération de Pêche de l'Eure et Loir
Le Moulin à papier
28400 Saint-Jean-Pierre-Fixte
Tel. 02 37 52 06 20 - Fax 02 37 52 89 56
Email address :
Website :

Reciprocity of the Union « réciprocitaire » du Nord –Est :

U.R.N.E. :
Fédération de pêche de la Haute-Marne
Port de la Maladière - BP 61
52002 CHAUMONT Cedex
Tel. 03 25 32 51 10 - Fax 03 25 03 32 93
Email address :

Reciprocity between Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

Savoie (73) :
ZI Les Contours
Tél. - Fax
Email address :

Haute-Savoie (74) :
Le Villaret 2092 Route des Diacquenods
Tél. - Fax
Email address :

On the website, the level of reciprocity amongst the angling associations is illustrated by a symbol :

Inter-département reciprocity: this association gives you the option of extending your fishing area to other départements.

Reciprocity with other AAPPMA in the département: this association gives you the option of extending your fishing area to other associations in the département. Non-reciprocal AAPPMA: this association makes it possible to fish in its area only.