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Le site officiel d'adhésion aux AAPPMA - Associations de pêche en France

About us ?

France’s network of angling associations is one of the oldest and largest in the country, representing 1.4 million anglers. This strong following makes angling the second most popular leisure activity in France behind football and the most popular open-air activity.

3,900 local angling associations in France!

France has more anglers than any other European country. It also has some 3,900 local angling associations (called AAPPMA, Association Agréée de Pêche et de Protection du Milieu Aquatique). They represent 1.4 million anglers.

Angling associations are organized at département level, primarily as a means of providing representation, coordination and technical support.

Their role includes:

  • Holding and managing fishing rights, which they receive, negotiate, buy or rent from public and private fishing areas,
  • Contributing to protecting aquatic environments and fish stocks, in addition to combating poaching, pollution and the destruction of areas that fish need to survive,
  • Organizing the sustainable management and use of their fishing rights, in accordance with local guidelines,
  • Running campaigns to promote fishing areas,
  • Providing information and undertaking initiatives to raise public awareness of aquatic environments.

Départemental federations and regional unions

France’s 93 Fédérations Départementales des Associations Agréées de Pêche et de Protection du Milieu Aquatique (FDAAPPMA) aim to:

  • Undertake initiatives to develop and promote angling,
  • Protect aquatic environments,
  • Develop and oversee fishing areas in the département,
  • Collect the licence fee for the protection of aquatic environments and the Cotisation Pêche et Milieux Aquatiques (CPMA) tax. To achieve these aims, they define, coordinate and control the activities of member associations.

Départemental federations are brought together within nine regional unions located at the heart of France’s six catchment basins.

The Fédération Nationale de la Pêche en France et de la Protection du Milieu Aquatique works with the Ministry of Ecology to protect watercourses.

The Fédération Nationale de la Pêche en France, which was founded in 2007, is responsible for coordinating the activities of associations, départemental federations and regional unions.

By law, the Fédération Nationale de la Pêche en France has been given a general interest mission and is politically independent.

To fulfil its duties, it works in partnership with several bodies:

In France it is represented:

  • At the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea,
  • At the National Assembly, through the Fisheries and Aquatic Environments study group,
  • On the Board of Directors of the French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments,
  • It is a member of all the bodies involved in the protection of aquatic environments: Comité National de l’Eau, Comités de Bassin, Agences de l’Eau etc.
  • Finally, it works actively with local authorities, professional groups, trade unions and scientific or educational bodies.

In Europe:

  • It extends its activities to European level through the Fauna and Sustainable Development association and the European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission
  • The FNPF is also a member of the European Members Forum and the WRFC through the European Commission, Nature & Biodiversity,
  • The FNPF is also a partner to the Club de la Charte des Salmonidés de Repeuplement (CCSR).

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